Accordingly, in addition to a number of studies for EU and national public bodies, we have assisted a number of operators in market access, licensing, interconnection, right of access, and competition law issues.  We have also participated to the consolidation phase of the industry by advising and negotiating M&A deals. When 3G came about we assisted a major French operator in obtaining its UMTS license.  As the industry has matured, we have been involved  in the market analysis process tied to the implementation of the telecom package in Luxembourg. 

We are now essentially involved in sophisticated telecom projects such as the provision of mobile services on planes, assistance of telecom operators in making deals on the sharing of infrastructure or in negotiating satellite transmission agreements, etc

Because we are, since 2000, the Editors of “the l.i.n.k.”, an electronic news letter on Information Society legal issues (see, we stay up to speed with the latest developments in telecommunications law.

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