Corporate and domiciliation services

Luxembourg company law imposes strict corporate governance rules.  Our role will consist in providing you with the support needed to comply with the legal and administrative requirements to run the company and keep it in good standing. This includes:

- the preparation of documents relating to the incorporation of Luxembourg companies or to their corporate life (organisation of board meetings and drafting of related minutes, organisation of shareholders’ meetings and preparation of related minutes, maintenance of shareholders register, opening of bank accounts, etc.)

- if necessary, the request of business licences

- the administrative and accounting follow-up of  companies (in association with the competent government bodies, banks, notaries, accountants, fiduciaries, etc.)

- the preparation of financial statements and tax declarations (in association with accountants and/or auditors)

- the performance of the formalities required from companies in order to comply with legal requirements

Subject to complying with money laundering regulations, we may also provide registered office or, eventually, act as board members for non commercial companies.

In providing company domiciliation services we comply with the provisions of the law of 31 mai 1999 regulating the domiciliation of companies.

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