(in alphabetical order)


Banking and Finance

"From conception to birth, birth to growth, growth to alliances, we look after every step of your company’s development"

Company Law

"From conception to birth, birth to growth, growth to alliances, we look after every step of your company’s development."

Construction and Real Estate

"If building or investing in real estate is your business, we will help you ensure that your deals have solid foundations."

Corporate and domiciliation services

"We can assist you with the services to meet your regulatory obligations and to facilitate the domiciliation and running of your company."


"Whether you are in the constructive phase of recruitment or in the difficult phase of lay-offs, individual or collective, we stand by you."

Franchise, distribution and agency

"When sale is the issue, we help you find your most profitable alternative."

Information Techonology

"Because of its tax and regulatory framework, Luxembourg has become the host of an increasing number of major IT players that have established their B2C sales platform."

Insurance and re-insurance

"We assist you in managing claims or addressing regulatory issues, such as the requirements to provide pre-contractual information obligation of insurance intermediaries; the regulatory framework applicable to distance selling of insurance products on line."

Intellectual Property

"We seek protection of the expression of your talents and creativity and prepare and look after your agreements to turn creativity into revenues."


"If you are facing a dispute we will assist you in considering the alternatives available but, if litigation is the only option, then we fight to win and achieve your business objectives."


"Whether you are on the fast track of expansion by acquisition or selling the family jewels, we help you make the deals and manage your risks."


"Luxembourg is known to offer a friendly media regulatory environment. For this reason, an increasing number of TV channels choose to hold a Luxembourg satellite broadcasting licence for their transmissions over Europe while maintaining their production activities abroad."

Private Equity / Capital Risk

"Thanks to the creation of the Capital Risk Investment Company (SICAR), Luxembourg is becoming the home of an increasing number of capital risk / private equity transactions."


"You wish to establish a securitization vehicle in Luxembourg to benefit from its advantageous legal regime and structure the transaction in order to achieve a quasi tax neutrality resulting from the law of 22 March 2004."


"We assist you in selecting the most appropriate structure to hold your assets and to organise its development taking into account the gains that may me reaped by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the Luxembourg legislation. Then we assist you in implementing the agreed structure and, if necessary, in operating it."


"Our firm has been at the forefront of the liberalisation of the Luxembourg telecom market and have been active with major operators ever since."